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San Francisco HIV Health Services Planning Council

SF HIV Services Planning Council provides all the logistical, meeting and administrative support planning bodies need to function well and efficiently. This includes guidance in annual work plan development , meeting agenda planning, meeting and retreat facilitation, taking meeting minutes, appropriate audio-visual support for meetings, working with guest presenters, provision of refreshments, provision of meeting materials in a timely fashion for review prior to meetings, record keeping, compliance with all relevant statutes that impact the rules and regulations around public and open meetings, attendance records, correspondence with relevant stakeholders and up to date websites. SF HIV Services Planning Council also tailors communication platforms to the needs of the group and develops a comprehensive set of social marketing tools and other web based technologies that will work best for a group’s membership and diversity.

SF HIV Services Planning Council ensures that training of planning body members is an on-going process and is based on core values of equity, cultural inclusiveness and understanding that incorporate 1) sharing basic information, 2) skills building, 3) empowerment, and 4) the development of leadership skills. Peer mentorship is a cornerstone to SF HIV Services Planning Council’s training and the training program is committed to supporting the Council member mentee and mentor to have a productive and meaningful relationship that will enhance both of their experiences as planning body members. Orientations are crafted to ensure that presenters are staff, experts, as well as planning body members themselves. Training staff also meet one on one and in small groups with new members to offer nuanced and individualized support and training. In-service curricula are based on needs identified by the planning body during an annual work plan development and on an as needed basis as issues emerge and require members to have more information and training.

Policy Analysis
SF HIV Services Planning Council bodies make important decisions on matters of policy. Ensuring that these groups have excellent policy analysis on which to base these decisions is critical. SF HIV Services Planning Council partners with experts in the public, private and academic sectors to provide relevant information and expertise on issues. SF HIV Services Planning Council staff work with these partners to synthesize this information in a manner that makes it accessible to the group’s membership. SF HIV Services Planning Council staff also provide comprehensive policy analysis of issues relevant to the work of the group through extensive research and literature review, needs assessment analysis, data collection and analysis and local, state and national trend analysis that result in white papers on key issues. These white papers and the information from community partners ensure a well informed SF HIV Services Planning Council body membership.

Needs Assessment
Understanding community needs is an essential part SF HIV Services Planning Council. Through an array of activities such as surveys, focus groups, targeted community meetings and large scale community forums, the SF HIV Services Planning Council staff develop multi-pronged approaches to needs assessments that ensures sensitivity to the communities being asked for input while ensuring consistency in the data being collected. SF HIV Services Planning Council staff will organize and develop these activities an provide summaries of the results.

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